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A New Level of Luxury

In the competitive home building market, Clarendon Homes’ promotions were a key driver of sales performance and an integral part of their marketing plan. After the very successful "A World of Luxury" promotion that ran twice in 2016, Clarendon asked Lewis & Love to repackage the same offer with some revised higher value items as a new promotion, which would cut-through the market, generate enquiry and have the endurance to last through August, September and October 2017.

{ Connect }
A solid expanse of deep green and a large hero image that captured the same green shades connected strongly with the viewer and stood out against the competitors. A large number "21" in an eye-catching typographical configuration drew the viewer in to discover more.

{ Communicate }
Customers that were familiar with the prior popular promotion "A World of Luxury" recognised the added value and greater luxury implied by the name "A New Level of Luxury". A lime green "sticker" with the bold and capitalised word "free", balanced the high-end look with the important retail message of value while communicating the limited availability via the sticker's temporary nature.

{ Cultivate }
A Coco Republic-styled living area that captured the greens of the landscaping and the interior accessories, combined with matching green graphics, created a holistically-designed visual aesthetic. This suggested that the offer itself was also holistic and included everything one needed in their own luxury home. This belief was reinforced by a 12 page brochure with photography of the included items from the same display home which allowed the interior's colour scheme to flow through and created a well polished, high quality product with attention to detail that reassured the customer that Clarendon could deliver real luxury.

The campaign successfully launched in a multi-channel strategy including television, press, print, signage, web, email and social media. The result broke through the competitors offerings as hoped and was record-breaking for Clarendon during the busy Spring 2017 sales period.