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Clarendon Homes Inclusions

Having branded and designed their original pre-selected inclusion packages four years earlier, Lewis & Love was asked by Clarendon Homes to completely refresh the material for 2017, inline with the new Clarendon style that Lewis & Love had established.

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Large beautiful photography was used throughout all three brochures to engage the viewer. Solid block colour helped distinguish these brochure covers from the rest of Clarendon's photographic style covers. This allowed the user to easily find and refer to these Inclusion Packages that were important throughout the entire sales and building process. 

{ Communicate }
Demographic-specific patterns, graphic layout, increasing use of clear space, and printing finishes (UV spot varnished or embossed) visually indicated the level of quality and price range of each inclusion package. The increasing number of pages and quality of the paper stock ensured the differences were communicated by touch and weight as well.

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Photography of a single display home per inclusion package allowed each interior colour scheme to flow through seamlessly and created well polished brochures that reassured the customer that Clarendon could deliver a beautifully finished, quality home. As many available options as possible were included, even colour swatches, which gave the customer the feeling of complete control over personalising their own home, and hence that Clarendon had fulfilled all their desires.

The three inclusion package brochures proved invaluable to the sales team, the colour studio team, the internal staff and most importantly, the customers.