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Ducted Air for Free

In the competitive home building market, Clarendon Homes’ promotions were a key driver of sales performance and an integral part of their marketing plan. Clarendon engaged Lewis & Love to deliver a "free air conditioning” promotion, which would cut-through the market, generate enquiry and have the endurance to last through June and July 2017.

{ Connect }
A large hero image blended into a dynamic colour gradient ensured the campaign stood out across all media. A handcrafted promo logo sat unchallenged within the colour gradient, easily grabbed the viewer's attention and held interest via the script lettering.

{ Communicate }
Offering free ducted air conditioning during the middle of winter required emphasis to be placed on the year round benefits of reverse cycle, not only through good copy but with the use of a warm colour palette. Extra value was added to the simple offer by including details and images of the advanced technology - individual room controls and iPhone app - which differentiated it from competitor's similar offers.

{ Cultivate }
The use of beautiful soft interior photography and a unique yet relevant line pattern ensured the well established high quality branding of Clarendon Homes was not compromised, nor the quality of their homes diminished, by the "retail" message.

Material for the campaign included press, print, signage, web, email and social media. The dynamic and colourful campaign successfully cut through in all media and became an instant favourite with the Clarendon sales team for its stand out presence in the display villages. Within weeks after launch, a major competitor launched their own "Free Air Conditioning" offer as a direct response to the success the Clarendon campaign had in taking market share.