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End of Year Sale

In the competitive home building market, Clarendon Homes’ promotions were a key driver of sales performance and an integral part of their marketing plan. Clarendon engaged Lewis & Love to deliver a “big collection of upgrades at discount price” promotion, which would cut-through the market, generate enquiry and have the endurance to last through November and December 2017.

{ Connect }
Everyone's favourite four-letter word - SALE - in bold, large, vibrant letters on a clean white background created the attention-grabbing "retail" headline this campaign required. A large hero image framing the content, provided the burst of colour and contrast to connect with the viewer and invoke intrigue.

{ Communicate }
The name of the promotion clearly communicated the savings value through a "sale" whilst it also created urgency via the obvious "end of year" time limit. The value of the promotional offer was further communicated by including the quantity of items, as well as highlighting the top value items in the tag line "17 luxury upgrades + reverse cycle ducted air + 270 day fixed price". Big blue "plus" symbols on the signage and collateral emphasised the quantity of items included in the offer.

{ Cultivate }
The use of beautiful soft interior photography and a warm, light grey colour palette lifted the perceived quality of the offer to counterbalance the bold and vibrant retail message, and ensured the well established high quality branding of Clarendon Homes was not compromised nor the quality of their homes diminished in the minds of the viewer.

Material for the campaign included radio, press, print, signage, web, email and social media. The campaign created such a strong positive reaction from the market that the sales team was kept busy right up until the Christmas break and pushed the company’s delivery capacity.