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Kensington Park Estate

Kensington Park in Kellyville New South Wales was a residential land development bounded by expansive tracks of environmental reserves. The developer packaged the large premium-priced lots as home and land offerings in an exclusive agreement with Clarendon Homes. Lewis & Love was brought in to position and launch the development specifically to the local UK migrant population and build the brand to drive sales at the premium price point.

{ Connect }
A luxuriously large image of a well established fig tree, bathed in soft light, made a bold visual statement to connect with the viewer’s attention.

{ Communicate }
The combination of vogue-style interior photography, a highly detailed illustrated master plan and a colour palette reflecting the interior design, created the perception of wealth and craftsmanship, elevating the perceived value of the yet to be built estate.

{ Cultivate }
Through the use of hazy-lit images of established garden parks and a logo that mirrored London street signs, a nostalgic narrative was constructed that leveraged the local UK migrant demographics’ fond memories of their mother country.

The Kensington Park branding was beautifully targeted to the high-end market we were pursuing. The resulting pre-release demand meant we had a very successful launch.

Bernadette Nutman - Marketing Executive

The campaign consisted of web, social, print, press, signage and EDM’s with data from the EDM’s showing very high open rates, engagement and enquiry. Preregistration of interest was so strong after the brand launch campaign, that the initial prices were revised upwards significantly before the first release was made available by the developer. The growth in demand continued to drive prices up without any delay or slowing of deposits being taken by the sales team.