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Lewis Boxes

Lewis Boxes was founded as a sister company to Lewis & Love to solely focus on developing innovative packaging designs. Their Research & Development team are dedicated to finding better solutions through better design and are constantly searching for new ways to make business more efficient and profitable. The new branding needed to reflect the Lewis Boxes ethos of innovation and create cut through in an international market.

{ Connect }
A simple geometric shaped logo with bold lettering and the use of large slabs of a restricted grey colour palette ensure the visuals grab the viewer's attention.

{ Communicate }
The perception of the logo as both a flat hexagon and an isometric three-dimensional box, communicates to the viewer the packaging design team's high level of innovation and is reinforced by the tag line "rethink the box". The bold clean aesthetic with slightly angled transitions reflects the dynamism and cutting-edge thinking of a company positioning itself at the forefront of the industry.

{ Cultivate }
The unusual juxtaposition of the business card's thick uncoated duplex stock with the fine matt silver foil, reflects an honest respect of packaging materials and a technical prowess to impress, which is extended through to the customer relationship as both genuine and rewarding. The soft rounded corners of the logo and the warmness within the grey colour palette project an approachable human element to balance the industrial focus of the business.

Material produced includes branding, stationery, signage, collateral, website, EDMs and digital advertising. Lewis Boxes is currently licensing their packaging designs to manufacturers around the world with patents in over 30 countries and more in the works.