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Metricon Homes

Metricon Homes is a national homebuilder with a focus on aggressive expansion of current and new markets. With a strong push into South East Queensland, a regionally relevant refresh was required for the Melbourne based homebuilder, with intentions of becoming top of mind for locals.

{ Connect }
Oversized and visually dynamic photography of luxe homes, pools and landscapes demands the attention of any viewer.

{ Communicate }
Metricon’s higher than average price point is countered by demonstrating the resort style landscaping possibilities as an alternative to expensive vacations – a luxury holiday at home every day of the year. Further perceived value is added through the creation of a signature deep rich black, used in ample volumes across all material.

{ Cultivate }
Deep sensuality is vital to Metricon’s cultivation of the customer relationship. Luxe imagery depicts solid and refined quality fixtures and finishes, carrying through to the implementation of the marketing material, and tapping directly into the audience’s dreams and aspirations of the “Metricon lifestyle”.

With a new, clear focus on an aspirational aesthetic and the creation of a series of landmark campaigns, we were able to differentiate Metricon in the market and as a result, they skyrocketed ahead of their competitors.

Gavin Lewis - Creative Director

Metricon’s evolved brand in Queensland saw it successfully reposition in the market and drive sales in a competitive environment. The company moved from being the sixteenth largest builder in the state to number one. Its influence and brand recognition is symbolically recognised with it achieving naming rights for one of Queensland’s iconic sporting stadiums.