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Replace Your Place

As a sub-brand of Clarendon Homes, Replace Your Place was a specialty offering for customers who wished to “knock down and rebuild” an existing property. The service was used mainly in metropolitan markets by design-oriented customers, and took care of the entire process from demolition to handover. The sub-branding needed to establish a differentiation from the Clarendon brand and create awareness of this offering from a homebuilder known for building in new land developments.

{ Connect }
A solid swathe of soft blue and a white misty cloudscape with plenty of clear space ensured the marketing material was distinct in the marketplace.

{ Communicate }
The fear of a nightmare knockdown-rebuild process was strongly countered by the use of a serene dream-like cloudscape. The benefits of replacing the old with a new Clarendon home were emphasised through a contemporary “architecturally” designed dwelling, specifically targeting the design-oriented market, and further out-dating the existing house.

{ Cultivate }
The promise of an easy dream-like process built confidence in the brand, whilst a narrative that expressed empathy began a personal rapport between Clarendon and their customers.

Material included press, digital, website, collateral and signage. The new Replace Your Place brand established Clarendon in the Knockdown Rebuild market and continued to build its share of sales in this specific area.