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Invented by Lewis Boxes, the Simpull opening system is an engineered formation of perforations that allows a taped up box to be opened with just one hand. It's easy to use and super quick without the need for a knife. Lewis & Love was tasked with naming the invention and preparing all the material required for sales in an international market.

{ Connect }
A simple white wordmark in bold form with tight tracking between the letters, placed on a large flat slab of a high contrast dark grey ensures the branding clearly stands out and is memorable for the viewer.

{ Communicate }
The name "Simpull" conveys both how the opening system works - pull - and the benefit over alternatives - simple - while the play on words communicates the cleverness of the product itself. The use of all lowercase letters including the “S” rather than upper or capital case makes the wordmark much easier to read and almost child-like in its simplicity - subliminally reinforcing the message of the product's ease of use. 

{ Cultivate }
The soft rounded corners and fullness of the logo's form, as well as the same warm grey colour palette as Lewis Boxes, ensures the Simpull branding has the same approachable human element to balance its industrial nature whilst working together in harmony with Lewis Boxes. Photography of a friendly face using the product with warm black and white tones encourages a warm customer relationship, whilst positioning the product as more on-trend and hence desirable than what full colour photography would provide.

Material produced includes naming, branding, collateral, website, video production and digital advertising. Lewis Boxes is currently licensing the Simpull opening system to manufacturers around the world and is trademarked and patented in over 30 countries.