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Clarendon Homes has a history of building homes since 1978. In 2012, Clarendon Homes’ founder, Peter Campbell, bought back the company he had sold in 2004, after it failed to recover from the impact of the 2008 GFC. Our mission was to refresh the Clarendon brand to regain the homebuilder’s former market share and set it on a path for strong future growth.

Material produced included promotional campaigns, TV commercials, press advertising, collateral, corporate signage, display signage, packaging, merchandise, EDMs, stationery and interactive touch screens, as well as interior design of the sales offices. By the end of Lewis & Love's contract in early 2018, Clarendon had grown from eight display homes to twenty-four and were one of the largest home builders in South East Queensland. 

It’s clear to see that Lewis & Love truly love our brand. Our strong new aesthetic and emotive marketing material have been integral to our success.

Kathryn Wilkinson - Marketing Executive