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The Summer of Luxe

In the competitive home building market, Clarendon Homes’ promotions were a key driver of sales performance and an integral part of their marketing plan. After the success of the "End of Year Sale" promotion, Clarendon asked Lewis & Love to repackage the same offer as a luxury promotion, which would cut-through the market, generate enquiry and have the endurance to last through January, February and March 2018, without appearing that it was the same offer.

{ Connect }
A deep cool blue with soft palm leaf pattern sprawled across all media to cut through the clutter of competing messages. The logo was boldly structured yet elegantly balanced in its form and was always surrounded by plenty of clear space to easily engage the viewer. The large hero image of an alfresco and lap pool was used wherever possible to further connect with the viewer.

{ Communicate }
The value of the promotional offer was communicated by including both the quantity of items, as well as highlighting the top value items in the tag line "17 luxury upgrades + reverse cycle ducted air + 270 day fixed price". A 24 page brochure further emphasised the value of the offer by picturing all included items as well as options such as available colours.

{ Cultivate }
The naming of the offer as "The Summer of Luxe" invoked the joyous feeling of a luxury getaway, whilst it also created urgency via an implied time limit on the offer. The image of a luxurious alfresco and lap pool bathed in natural sunlight and surrounded by tropical gardens, not only added value to the offer, but constructed an imaginary resort-like story for the viewer to escape into. Answering the markets’ desire for a “dream-life” developed a relationship of understanding between the brand and its customers.

Lewis & Love is our secret weapon in a very competitive marketplace. Their outside-the-box thinking has provided our sales team the leverage they need to outperform our competitors.

Steven Stankovic - Sales Manager

The campaign successfully launched in a multi-channel strategy including radio, press, print, signage, web, email and social media. The promotion was very well received by the sales team, who appreciated its ability to boost their sales process, and so well received by the market that it was extended by two months.