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Zimple Digital

Located in Newcastle, Zimple Digital is an award-winning boutique agency with a young and vibrant yet professional attitude that specialises in web coding and SEO. Having worked closely with Lewis & Love on a number of projects and appreciating our knowledge of branding and design, Zimple came to us when it was time to rebrand.

{ Connect }
A simple structure of thickly-formed softly-rounded letters that’s ergonomic on the eye, creates an instantly noticeable wordmark. The use of a bold orange cursor grabs the viewers attention in a positive way, with the added diagonal corners of the “Z” creating detail to hold their interest and lead the eye into reading the wordmark.

{ Communicate }
The use of all lowercase letters including the “Z” rather than upper or capital case makes the wordmark much easier to read - a vital factor for its use at small scale on websites. It also reflects the use of all lowercase in web addresses and the trend for technology related products to be lowercase, indicating to the viewer which industry Zimple belongs to. The inclusion of the cursor reinforces this message.

{ Cultivate }
The cursor cleverly and seamlessly inserted between the first two letters lets the viewer know that Zimple is an innovative and quality driven company, whilst also rewarding the viewer with an “easter egg” for finding the cursor and connecting it with what the company offers, instantly building a likability.

The new branding was well received by the board and is currently being rolled out according to the accompanying Visual Identity Guidelines.